Located in Montreal, Alter Ego is a Real Estate Development Company and professional property management rental of commercial buildings located in both Quebec and Ontario. In major centres and even in the suburbs, we see that the spaces available for rent are in the midst of changing.

New customers are seeking service environments and access to convenience stores established nearby and offering pleasant, effective and practical experiences. Our philosophy is to provide an environment adapted to the tastes and needs of our customers.

We are known for our expertise:

  • Real estate development
  • Construction project management
  • Investment and property management
  • Property repositioning and redevelopment


From project design to delivery of spaces, our development expertise lies on numerous years of experience, with a value-added vision framed by a well-disciplined project management.

Each step is thoroughly planned, from ideation to the occupation of the premises. Alter Ego proceeds rigorously in the development of a project by leveraging its ability to select quality sites.

Thanks to their expertise and the collaborative approach of their team of professionals, Alter Ego can closely monitor the progress of a project, from site analysis, to design, to construction, to delivery and to tenants thus offering a higher quality to their customers, regardless of the project.

Property management and Investment

Whether it be quality or rigour, our experience and commitment are used as part of day-to-day operations, ensuring we have a key competitive advantage on the market while optimizing the return on investment.

Whether in managing customer tenants (rental services, space management, customized work environment) or actual property management (house expertise, understanding, looking for a lean cost structure or program preventive maintenance), our collaborative approach is applied on a daily basis. Rigorous monitoring and an experienced subcontractor network allows us to keep costs and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Repositioning and redevelopment

A creative approach, improved management and execution of the same rigour as used in our various development projects apply to our redevelopment projects.

Our sound understanding and combined with our broad knowledge of the markets and the needs of our new clients allow us to maximize value creation. Our redevelopment know-how is the best way to achieve profitable projects and to meet the multiple requirements of our customers and partners.